Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Alok Sharma, Dr. Kerry Magro & Dr. Nadia Al Sayegh speak at ICAN Dubai 2023


Dr. Temple Grandin

Author, Speaker and Autism Rights Activist

Keynote Speaker

Dr.Temple Grandin is an American academician, animal behaviorist, and internationally renowned spokesperson for autism spectrum disorder. Grandin is one of the first autistic people to document the insights she gained from her personal experience of autism. She is currently a faculty member of Animal Sciences in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Colorado State University.
Based on her experience, Grandin advocates early intervention to address autism and supports teachers and professionals, who can redirect children with autism in fruitful directions. She has been an outspoken proponent of autism rights and neurodiversity movements. In 2010, Temple Grandin was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time 100, which named her in the "Heroes" category. In 2011 she received a Double Helix Medal and has received many honorary degrees from many universities including McGill University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.
Grandin has been featured on major media programs, She was the subject of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning biographical film Temple Grandin. In 2018, Grandin has featured in the documentary This Business of Autism, which explored autism employment and the success story of autism employers. She has been written up in Time magazine, People magazine, Discover magazine, Forbes, and The New York Times.
She is best known for designing the Hug machine which is a deep-pressure gadget planned to calm extremely sensitive people, ordinarily people with autism.


Thomas Iland

Award-winning Author with Autism

End Keynote Speaker

Thomas Iland (Tom Iland )was diagnosed with autism at 13 years old. Since accepting his diagnosis, Thomas has been recognized as an author, speaker, and emerging leader in the autism community. Tom Iland is the world’s first Toastmasters Accredited Speaker with Autism The Toastmasters Accredited Speaker distinction is reserved for the finest professional speakers in the world, who fulfill numerous criteria and then compete for the honor in front of a huge live audience.

Now imagine having autism and meeting that challenge, because that’s exactly what Tom did! Tom is one of only 90 Accredited Speakers in the world, and the only one with autism.

He is a Certified Human Potential Coach and Professional Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. He is poised and ready to share his positive energy and inspiring messages as an End keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and consultant to organizations across the country. He also spoke on the TEDx stage to impart wisdom and inspire others with his talk titled, “How To Come To Life.” He is the author of the award-winning bestseller, “Come to Life! Your Guide to Self-Discovery” And recently published his second book “My Glass Is Full: Stories of Putting Mental Health First.”

“He recently set a Guinness World Record as ‘The World’s Oldest Person With Autism To Finish A Full Ironman Triathlon.’”

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About TheICAN

The International Conference for Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorders offers a distinctive platform for parents and professionals alike. This conference provides a valuable opportunity to engage directly with medical experts who specialize in autism.

ICAN aims to foster the exchange of ideas and clinical findings between parents and professionals, with the ultimate goal of enhancing care for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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It is a special opportunity to connect with professionals dealing with autism on one to one basis.

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International Conference For Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders is intended to facilitate exchange of ideas and clinical results between professionals to better the care for the people on the Autism Spectrum. At ICAN the newest and the latest development research happening all over the world and all the newer treatments for Autism will be discussed.

This Conference will provide a unique platform for scientific and medical discussion and the final beneficiaries will be the children on the Autism Spectrum.

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